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Sitting awkwardly with lapcat :) Her name is Newton

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1838 days ago

Sitting awkwardly with lapcat :) Her name is Newton


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CalMakes 1836 days ago

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ur cat looks so cute

12emhean 1837 days ago

Dude you are so badass

xAlexGustafsson 1837 days ago

It's Herobrine, in shape of a cat!

MewMew34 1837 days ago

Good looking guy and adorable cat. Best combination ever.

xRejNaPSx 1837 days ago

YOU DA BOMB JEB!! Your my hero !!

Meenite 1837 days ago

Also owns a professional lapcat. Her name is Wikipedia. (see avatar for cartoon version)

ElGranVacio 1837 days ago

Guys, that's Vogue magazine. Don't get too excited.

Teh996 1837 days ago

Aww, you're a cat person? :D

fadaf999 1837 days ago

Cool magazine :3

RossyMonsterboy 1838 days ago

That's a nice Lapcat you've got there it'd be a shame if anything happened to it...

cb2007001 1838 days ago

Nice Magazine ;)

donovanfode 1838 days ago

it couldn't be an ender cat 'cause its eyes are green.

vfrenot 1838 days ago

Hey, why there is no cat in Minecraft ? :o

King_B0B0 1838 days ago

That's a very nice cat you have there. Be shame something would happen to it...

BastlW 1838 days ago

Nerdcat or Endercat...

Wizdeck 1838 days ago

An Ender-Cat!

... So cute ^^

SlavyanOOs 1838 days ago

, this is endercat)

Jent00 1838 days ago

haha look at the magazine in the left corner :P

mattizet 1838 days ago

Oh my God! Newton's got Ender Eyes!!

FreshFatih 1838 days ago

like a boss!