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2849 days ago


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RomanOnARiver 2644 days ago

Yeah the sheer number of USB ports. How AWESOME.

Shoultz101 2725 days ago

Can of compressed air ftw.

pitbikerider 2845 days ago

Its the new chia pet PC!

catfishmaw 2848 days ago

I used to have one of these! Attracts dust like a beast. Makes wiping the top of my iMac once a week seem like heaven.

mdsteele47 2848 days ago

Make sure you take that thing out to the woods and release it back into the wild. Poor thing is probably as scared as you are.

CVBruce 2848 days ago

Looks like cat hair, do you have a cat?

tm1956 2848 days ago

computers are dust magnets!

TheKiltedKimchi 2848 days ago

Um. That is just gross. It looks like a hairy computer porn star. You could knit a sweater with that. A sweater for a mouse or a gerbil or something.

adelate 2848 days ago

Holy crap. Good luck cleaning that out!

purseho 2848 days ago

omg. my computer has looked like that before. it's so shameful! LOL!

KenKopin 2848 days ago

I've seen PC's so bad (the inside was packed with what looked like the lint you pull from a dryer screen) that the power supply finally gave up and died from over-heating. Good Times :D

osiramon 2848 days ago

seen worse. doesn't have any oil mixed in like in an autoshop.

gayanch 2848 days ago

Oh good, I feel less bad about mine now.

Harukio 2848 days ago

When you touched it, did it purr?

chaotrix_nyx 2848 days ago

SIX USB PORTS!?! I wish I had six usb ports.

Lone_Wanderer 2848 days ago

I think my computer's a bit more dusty...though I'm not brave enough to photograph it! :P

Jules0512 2848 days ago

Wow - SCARY....I think I see it moving....

chekeichan 2849 days ago

Save it and sell it on eBay

duhneese 2849 days ago

hahaha. i bet you have catssssss!

QuarkSpin 2849 days ago

Ewwww! Actually, I've seen worse. No, really...