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Work IDs are required to walk down Wall Street. Apparently the street is now private. #OccupyWallStreet

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1666 days ago

Work IDs are required to walk down Wall Street. Apparently the street is now private. #OccupyWallStreet


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charlwils 1661 days ago


diannamorton 1663 days ago

WHose streets? Bankers' streets! Divest your money! and I am glad that these bean counters have to experience the slight discomfort of identifying themselves.

JoeyHasMojo 1664 days ago

OK-Everybody with a work I.D. (stockbrokers, bankers) writes out a $1,000,000 check to the 99% FIRST

vickeyhoney50 1664 days ago

#URGENT_UPDATE: Survival Basics 4 PROTESTERS & MED/LEGAL tips on FB-VICKEY HONEY-Tweet:vickeyhoney50

dwyerj1 1664 days ago

Who's behind the Wall? The Good guys want to look and see. Pls photo each of those permitted.

alienmindtrick 1664 days ago

If people really cared, they would take their money out of these big banks and use credit unions.

pbreen1 1664 days ago

Papieren bitte!

kwdowney 1665 days ago

Have we, the humble citizens of these United States, become among the subject peoples of the world?

JoeAmericana9 1665 days ago

the "haves" and the "have nots"....those who have jobs and those who don't #fleaparty

HarlotStarlett 1665 days ago

When the rich are so desperately threatened, you know something's up.

enterice 1665 days ago

The police are doing their job, a precious thing to have at this time. Get mad at the right ppl plz

boopbettyboob 1665 days ago

as it's fishy why they dont like it so much

boopbettyboob 1665 days ago

the more the police disaproves of this movement, the more I support it (continue)

antistuff 1665 days ago

NYC Checkpoints for the well suited (pun intended). #VisualMetaphor says it all #OWS

CheetahPizzas 1665 days ago

Ah, reminds me of the days *rubs chin* when the British #Occupied #NYC back in 1776. #TaxtheRichieRich

tigercell 1666 days ago

Wall Street owns Wall Street. No surprise there.