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is maybe singing a song with @jackingram...its a little dark in here...kind of weird...help.

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2172 days ago

is maybe singing a song with ...its a little dark in here...kind of weird...help.


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StacyDawn 2171 days ago

Very nice...two of my faves...so much talent and a gorgeous combo as well.

julietliming 2171 days ago

ha ha ha I am SURE it sounded just fine as usual!

erinafleming 2172 days ago

2 great voices can't go wrong!

kellymh21 2172 days ago

that is pretty dark in there! can we, dbc, listen to what you guys are recording?? :)

RenaDena 2172 days ago

you need to adjust your ISO on your camera ;) still it's a cool pic of you and Jack! would love to hear you and Jack sing together :0)

lovemovies79 2172 days ago


JanetluvsDierks 2172 days ago

wowza it really is dark...

mgfanliz 2172 days ago

Hope you guys kicked it!! See you in Nashville tomorrow.

darlene499 2172 days ago


wAtzmyname05 2172 days ago

yeah speaking of dark...my electricity bill is waaaay delinquent bc i spent all of my money...plus some..on you and keith urban in Roanoke...but it was well spent..THNX!

DB_KU_WWEGirl 2172 days ago

LOL!!! LOVE the maybe!! Too funny!! Did you use the flash? LOL!!

lovelovelove343 2172 days ago

gotta document the hotness (as my friend Katie says) =)

pennylazo 2172 days ago

run from him dierks!

SJL13 2172 days ago

Haha! Dierks and Jack would def be a good combo for some country music!

goaliej54 2172 days ago

Wouldn't that be sweet! You guys rock!

MarieGrzybowski 2172 days ago

hottie w the body!!!:)

DebBohn 2172 days ago

What's this maybe sh**? Don't tease like that.

emilysmom08 2172 days ago

your not afraid of the dark are ya? lol

Rachelb13 2172 days ago

Alright, what song are y'all singing? It is a little dark, but still a GREAT picture!!