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새로운 시작을 준비하며~~

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1923 days ago

새로운 시작을 준비하며~~


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nichkhy_kizzer 1886 days ago

wow!! what a nice view..seems so peaceful...hope you enjoyed your stays there

santibidam 1887 days ago

I guess, you take photos in Bali, Indonesia. it's seem familiar atsmosfer for me.that my guess is correct ? or wrong.

Na_Dhe 1893 days ago

keep spirit for a new beginning ^^
새로운 시작에 대한 정신을 유지.^^

meawbkk 1913 days ago

The bag is featured than the sea.haha^^"

Parisa2312 1917 days ago

Why just in korean?!!!it`s hard for us to use translater!!!!

JeeYeon_K 1920 days ago

도대체 사진은 누가 찍으시는지 넘 궁금합니다......진짜 알고 싶어요...멋쪄부러.

antz2205 1920 days ago

sunset in Bali is pretty awesome I can say, been there seen that..

wjddms8630 1920 days ago

눈이부시네요. 저노을 보면서 무슨생각하셨는지요?

orankoj 1921 days ago

.재충전할 여행이 필요하다는 생각을 했는데
이런곳에 가고 싶어요 재충전 하시길^^

namie0808 1921 days ago

It's a perfect nice view!!! I wanna go to Bali too!!
Where is the best place for you ,in Bali?

ioyioy111 1921 days ago


yahmong 1921 days ago

역시나...내가 갔을땐 발리가 안예뻤는데...
시후쒸가 가니...모든것이 다 화보네여~~~
보고파여~~~시후쒸~~~~빨리 돌아오세영~~~ㅎㅎ

wk643 1921 days ago

좋컷다 나도 가고 젚다 발리......

lllnlllull 1921 days ago

시후느님 사진 업뎃해서 너무 좋아용

nyan_mika 1922 days ago

You deserve a good break in your favorite quiet environment by being yourself, not Park Shi Hoo for the moment. Have you hang-out "No Disturbance' tag ?

vivien_harmen 1922 days ago

Is it Bali,The heaven Island?? you went there several days ago,didn't you? so beautiful.. I'm from Indonesia n ever been there too

kjye88_ 1922 days ago

바로 앞에 바다가 있으니 정말 풍경이 아름다워요~~물론 시후느님도 짱> <

pingzi211 1922 days ago

So beautiful ! I am so keen to see more works of yours,especially your show on the movie screen!

yuhee85 1922 days ago

어느분이찍어주셨는지 잘 찍으셨어요~멋있어요~♥

momorieriri 1922 days ago

relax and fighting♥