Park Si Hoo



새로운 시작을 준비하며~~

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1921 days ago

새로운 시작을 준비하며~~


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santibidam 1883 days ago

Bali Sky....

LanSian 1905 days ago

Are y love in Bali ? Welcome in Bali - Indonesia. I'm from Indonesia and love Bali
What next after Princess Man ?

White_Cloud102 1907 days ago

cool, i like it!

yxt1103 1913 days ago

우와!!! 정말 대담해요~ 무섭지 않아요? ㅋㅋㅋ

antz2205 1918 days ago

you did paragliding!!!awesome view from above isn't it? Feels like a free bird..:) have you try bungee jumping?

pingzi211 1920 days ago

What is your feeling of flying ni the sky?

orankoj 1920 days ago

새로운 시작을 준비중인데 힘 받고 갑니다

lee110529 1920 days ago

박시후 =HAPPY 김승유

lcy880903 1920 days ago

박시후 "내가 살인범이다" love you! hope see your perfect show!DREAM HIGH

FrancesChen1 1920 days ago

Sun, Sky and Si-hoo씨These are my 3S favorite things…^^♥ ♥ ♥

leesoopsh 1920 days ago

시후님은 재미있는 모습이 보여요...ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

wegotoheaven 1920 days ago

기분이 좋아지네요..^^

Floridadevy 1920 days ago

lagi di Bali?

pshlike 1921 days ago


ayuwei 1921 days ago

im at bali but where i find u....(>.<)''

anupama_w 1921 days ago

sky diving!now dats fun!!d adrenalin rush,soaring wit d wind in ur hair..wish i cud get d chance 2 experience it :) hope u had a Gr8 time!!take care<3

naomi_kyuhyun 1921 days ago

there its amazing

FeiFei27 1921 days ago

멋있네요ㅋㅋ저 하늘까지 날아가구ㅋㅋ
부디 빨리 화보를 찍고 무사하게 한국으로 돌아오세용ㅎㅎ

zsonon 1921 days ago

시후님의 밝은 앞날을 위해 화이팅!!!!!!!
좋은일 행복한 일만 가득할거애요~~
넘 보고 싶어요,,,
공남도 끝나고 ,,ㅠㅠ
시후님을 못보니 넘 허전해요,,,ㅠㅠ

jiro_ouji 1921 days ago

I'm so happy to see these photos. Because you're much delighted to take your time.