Ummm lls is that a tornado cloud o_O

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1812 days ago

Ummm lls is that a tornado cloud o_O


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fsunole9399 1810 days ago

Nope not a tornado! Looks ominous at first glance, but is only air condensing within the showers updraft.

chadswxreport 1812 days ago

This looks like a wall cloud to me. Under that may or may not be rotation. There is a chance a tornado might be under there, if so a week one :)

SwitchingGranny 1812 days ago

Wow Where is this?

OutlawChicken79 1812 days ago

That is a wall cloud and most likely a tornado under it. Scary as hell but so fantastic to see

JakeMcnellis 1812 days ago

yerp.say ur prayers....NOW!

tallweatherdude 1812 days ago

At the very least that's a wall cloud...tough to tell if there is a tornado with the trees. Great shot!

CanWillhite 1812 days ago

It looks like one to me! They are pretty but I am sooo afraid of them, with good reasoning, of course!!