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발리에서....I am Ok^^

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1690 days ago

발리에서....I am Ok^^


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rain_beloved87 1663 days ago

I don't know why I suddenly like you ^^

Weixan 1687 days ago

so glad that He sent His angel 2 guard u...take a good care of urself and ur wishes 4 u

anihimura 1688 days ago

enjoy your day ♪(。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)♡

zcatherine 1688 days ago


tahe2525 1689 days ago

발리 가고싶다...

echo_zhu 1689 days ago

Are you playing twitter now?? So cool!!

fy2thsky 1690 days ago

so shinning..enjoy these beautiful things. no mobile phone would be great but i need ur twits ><

ilndldy808 1690 days ago

Glad ur ok. Take care. Aloha.

Kami_Ryu 1690 days ago

What are you texting?

ashuka0403 1690 days ago

발리는 따뜻합니가? 건감하고 좋았습니다....☆

mahe4471 1690 days ago

You look relaxed. Try to get some rest. In the as far as possible.

mahdz5209 1690 days ago

looks like u'r busy on something^^ u'r hair looks wet did u just went surfing?

tukenhello 1690 days ago

the muscle,i like~~~sihoo,fighting~~~O(∩_∩)O~~

chongchishouhoo 1690 days ago

사람들이 시후씨가 성공하는지 안하는지에 관심이 많지만 시후씨는 좋아한 사람들이 시후씨가 힘든지 안하는지 더 관심인데요. 그래서 시후씨 꼭 행복해야 돼...”

alightsmile 1690 days ago

서울, 코리아도 Ok ^^ 에너지 넘치는 건강미 좋아보입니다 Have a good time in Bali~~

fusya871 1690 days ago

한가롭게 보내는 오후군요?

KoreanDrama808 1690 days ago


FrancesChen1 1690 days ago

Even though you're there for work, take time for resting. Enjoy the sun, Enjoy the suntan, Enjoy the beaches.^ ^

jiro_ouji 1690 days ago

Your photo is always as charming as a picture .I love this photo. Fascinated by you.

eleanorahs 1690 days ago

시험이 얼마 안남아서 공주의 남자 마지막 2개 회차는 아직 안봤지만(^----^)
박시후 배우 분 덕택에 오랜만에 좋은 사극 봤습니다! 잘 쉬시고, 다른 작품에서 또 뵈요^^