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발리에서....I am Ok^^

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1814 days ago

발리에서....I am Ok^^


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echo_zhu 1813 days ago

Wooooow.....No word I can say!!!!

lllnlllull 1813 days ago

촬영 잘 하세요~ 이왕 가신거 발리 구경도 많이 하시구ㅎㅎ 다른 사진도 기대할게요~

JoyGODIVA 1813 days ago

buena foto°°! nice picture!!

mahe4471 1813 days ago

I love this photo. The effect of the spider web, makes dark and interesting. Excellent photographer.

worudjk 1813 days ago


mahe4471 1813 days ago

REMEMBER WHAT I LOVE YOU, AND WHAT YOU ARE UNIQUE FOR MY. ~~^_^~~ ¡Fighting! Succes in your new project

mahe4471 1813 days ago

If you were here with me, I'm sure he would see. ha, ha, ha, ha.

mahe4471 1813 days ago

But, I do not like horror movies. I get very scared. And I can not sleep. But I promise I'll try to see it

mahe4471 1813 days ago

Si Hoo I adore you and all your works are great. Count me forever.

1218yoko 1813 days ago

it seems a independent picture・・・

mahdz5209 1813 days ago

you really look like an anime character here. Fighting for the movie! hoping for the best of you!

chongchishouhoo 1813 days ago

Wish all the best wishes for you,Wishing you many future successes!

ashuka0403 1813 days ago

어제 ”공주의남자”의OST CD가 닿았습니다\(^0^)/
드라마의 씬을 생각해면서 듣고있습니다~~~

KoreanDrama808 1813 days ago


yahmong 1813 days ago


jiro_ouji 1814 days ago

In this photo ,your beautiful side view shake my heart . I miss you .

miya0623 1814 days ago


EllenCoolChen 1814 days ago

I really like this one out of 5 picture,have fun and eat well in Bali =)

lcy880903 1814 days ago

expect 박시후 "내가 살인범이다" love you! hope see your perfect show!

SilvPasa 1814 days ago

Interesting shot!