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발리에서....I am Ok^^

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1879 days ago

발리에서....I am Ok^^


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sri2muga 1827 days ago

If you go to Indonesia again,,, come to other city,, like Jogjakarta, central java of Indonesia,, or other city at Indonesia ,, cause at Indonesia lots of different interesting culture that you can enjoy it ,,, by the way ,, do you have your direct addres

santibidam 1842 days ago

Bali looks more attractive with your presence there, ... seemed like paradise island

ampshfan 1843 days ago

love yr acting in TPM, esp the scenes with MCW. wishing you lots of success ahead.

rain_beloved87 1851 days ago

안녕하세요, 제 이름은 FIA입니다, I'm one of your fans, Love ya~~ ^^

hu_mj 1855 days ago

Today I am very happy...because I find my mother also like you..You are a charming man...^_^

noengkie 1859 days ago

so many cozy places in bali with good view ... this place isn't my recommend :D

joycechieng80 1861 days ago


White_Cloud102 1865 days ago

nice, manly looking!

b2uty7225 1868 days ago

악~ 넘 멋있따~ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 진짜 뭘해도 멋있다니깟!!!!

wjddms8630 1872 days ago

완전 멋져. 썬글라스^^ 카리스마 o.k

Vanviellz 1873 days ago

You must be at KFC .. There's banners SM * SH behind you haha..당신이 KFC에 있어야합니다 .. 뒤에 배너 SM * SH가 있습니다 ㅋㅋㅋ

wk643 1877 days ago

쬐금 느끼 그래도 조^^^^오^^타

LadyGemini407 1877 days ago

Oppa, do you still on Bali right now? or you have arrived at Korea?

Ai_StupiDgirL 1878 days ago

in Bali??? wow

zsonon 1878 days ago

좋아 보여서 넘 다행이에요~~
막방땐 얼굴이 넘 안되셔서,,,ㅠㅠ
푹 쉬시구 얼릉 돌아오셔요~~^^*

huni07yuni09 1878 days ago

왠지 낮부터 파뤼를 즐기는듯한 분위기가 물씬 풍기네요....정말 멋지십니당~^^

iamAilenGo 1878 days ago

good to know you are doing fine. I've been praying for you eversince the start of TPM.
my prayers were answered. always be in good health. keep it up ! < very nice pictures>

Kami_Ryu 1878 days ago

it seems you like this glasses ^.^

zb8178 1878 days ago

기쁘고즐거운일만,가득하세요 愿开心和快乐紧随你的左右。

zb8178 1878 days ago