Pete Carroll


Seattle Seahawks head coach. Always Compete.

Hey @KingJames...

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1812 days ago

Hey ...


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MarkusMikesell 1803 days ago

Pay him minimum... give him a chance. If he can't keep up, bench him! #youonlyliveonce

TRTL_of_425n206 1808 days ago


firstlisten 1809 days ago

Yes, please.

TRTL_of_425n206 1809 days ago

please no coach! i love our team the way they are! young and talented...look at how tampa bay turned out, not too long ago they were the youngest team in the league and now we have one of the youngest O-Lines

Fern_Jimenez2 1811 days ago

Would literally be the craziest shit ever...

Seahawkfan39 1811 days ago

We need him in seattle

muhangis 1811 days ago

Go for it, the world is def interested to see........

samkeon 1811 days ago

A lotta giants fans commenting on this haha. Let's get this done! #irepthe12

angeeeeeeel_ 1812 days ago

idiots, it has his first name because it's a draft number not the actually player jersey.

GTangCalgary 1812 days ago

He should be playing hockey where there is no 4th quarter.

tehbighouse 1812 days ago

I love all the hatred the Seahawks get from the rest of the league. We are the loudest. Get over it

AmberKacee 1812 days ago

His first name is on there so people seeing the pic would know it's him and not some other "James".

MadBoutFootball 1812 days ago

It's crazy how they got his first name instead of "James" on the jersey.

SteveHoffman7 1812 days ago

"Who is going to tackle LeBron...?" ...Patrick Willis

chukcha2 1812 days ago

just make the pass a jump ball. he'll make the catch every time.

TOBIS81 1812 days ago

He should come in for a tryout... We gotta pay over $200 for those authentic jerseys, and Lebron gets one for free!!!

Mil_SeaHawkers 1812 days ago

I love it! How great would it be to get LeBron signed in time for the Cleveland game?

ACAB_RAIDER54 1812 days ago

Ima take my talent to seattle.....

Samfootballhead 1812 days ago

Fuck all you seattle haters !

tightjean 1812 days ago

He'd make a good tackling dummy - with stress on the dummy.