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Delicious breakfast from cafe pig!

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2021 days ago

Delicious breakfast from cafe pig!


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SVUconnoisseur 1934 days ago


deyfire 2016 days ago

Call Gwen to wash that!

Lexus4u 2020 days ago

gurl wat is dat? a loaded baked potatoe? looks unmashiso, however u spell it... u know wat i mean, right???

AKAuhleesuh 2020 days ago

i want to go to there. (needs more butter.. sour cream?)

martelludell 2020 days ago

i'd rather eat that than pussy that's for sure lol (:

mlesw 2020 days ago

what the hell is that?lol

RogerInTDot 2021 days ago

America has the most food combination that should be illegal. I recently heard of the hamburger with egg, bacon and 2 (not 1), doughnuts! This is vile.

meganljenkins 2021 days ago

I have always wanted to try cafe pig, but they have some fucked up hours and are never open when I go!

crissyjoan 2021 days ago

GUUURL..... you gotta stop eating this stuff

baconjjigae 2021 days ago

oh wow! is that bbq pulled pork on top of a baked potato? where can i get that? margaret, please send one to NYC stat!

clittary 2021 days ago

I love baked potatoes, but that looks like swine flu'd vagingo

bachinski 2021 days ago

Reminds me of jacket potatoes from England. Looks great.

dan_e_boy420 2021 days ago

that has to be from last night

Ceejayface 2021 days ago

Agreed. That just looks awful. I wouldn't want to put that in my body. lol

miahchua 2021 days ago

wooooooow it does look delicious.

Look_its_LimBz 2021 days ago

very very shiny!

HLCeder 2021 days ago

That looks nasty. Sorry!

angelheart704 2021 days ago

I doubt that is healthy or kosher