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"I am the 1%. I stand with the 99%." #OWS

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1416 days ago

"I am the 1%. I stand with the 99%." #OWS


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geoff9cow 502 days ago

She was not at today's 'Freedom Summit.' "I am the 1%. I stand with the 99%." #OWS

JustRob1978 1307 days ago

world peace

27182818284590_ 1366 days ago

Tax you? Seriously? What about using that money for charity?

InaHollowEye 1414 days ago

But of course there's a guy behind going "Dat Ass".

Badgers_Rebel 1415 days ago

I love this person's sentiment! More people like this and the problem is solved! #WiUnion #OWS #WiProg

IdeaCooperation 1415 days ago

Throwing money is the standard fix. This system needs solutions from people. Change.

joshhatesclowns 1415 days ago

I'm so proud to know that there are people like this in our country!

Hvacrpro 1415 days ago

Wow ! a responsible American whos wealthy actually gives a damn about her fellow American and Country

KirsteninMT 1415 days ago

Most charities can also take credit card and PayPal donations which might be less stressful for her.

KirsteninMT 1415 days ago

Her hands don't look broken to me. Carpal tunnel syndrome?

KirsteninMT 1415 days ago

Is there some reason she's unable to write a check without getting the government involved?

PwrToolPrncess 1415 days ago

She's my boss at

joking11 1415 days ago


geoff9cow 1415 days ago

This image scares the hell out of Occupy Wall Street bashers like #Fox Noise #GOP & #TeaParty > #ows NOW!

Awetitu 1415 days ago

Individuals giving more doesn't help, it HAS to be all. Who's to say she hasn't already?

0JustDream0 1415 days ago

Regardless of her sincerity, she's still drawing attention to the issue. That's good enough for me.

RickRamey 1415 days ago

There is nothing stopping her from giving the government every penny she has except her own greed.

megadutch1 1416 days ago

Anyone know who this woman is?

betheonepercent 1416 days ago

Now she is a friend of the 99% ? Drop the 99% vs. 1% rhetoric - it's moronic.

jim_crist 1416 days ago

If you're proud to be an American, you should be proud to pay your taxes!!!