In upstate New York with my Mom and Dad, enjoying the land of my youth and my childhood dreams, and reliving memories of a much simpler time.  Going through some photos and came across this one, taken four years ago today:  10-10-2007, on the launch pad tower, near the top of the External Fuel Tank, the Solid Rocket Boosters, and the Space Shuttle Discovery.  Hard to believe that the next time I see this great spaceship will likely be at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.  Funny…the hands of fate, and how destiny unfolds with time.  

I remember when this photo was taken, like it was yesterday.  I was less than 2 weeks from realizing a childhood dream of riding on a rocket to outer space.  I had stars in my eyes and fire in my belly…and now my biggest fear is losing that passion.  Never want to lose that sense of wonder.  Thanks, Mom…for reminding me that the dreams that we dare to dream really do come true.

”When I close my eyes, childhood dreams tumble 
And whirl upon the winds of yesterday, 
A bright confetti marking each stumble, 
Each success, sometimes tinting the today’s. 
In glittering, lucid, iridescence, 
These dreams dance over the tended garden 
Forming soft dew on memory’s treasures. 
It’s here mature dreams come for sustenance 
And exuberant youth, long forgotten, 
Becomes a bloom of unexpected futures.”