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morning sexy

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1786 days ago

morning sexy


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nosaj130 1429 days ago

ooo muff gloves that breath and make stool.

LoryZegarelli 1754 days ago

ahhh so cute smoochy smooch

Mokeyfrog 1767 days ago

Is your dog a Hybrid what + Ewok = that?

straightupegg 1775 days ago


Snaddeda 1778 days ago

Dam dam daaaaam.

viabolishdp 1780 days ago

its a poo

katillac18 1783 days ago

how cute, what type of dog?

Baby_Tyrone 1783 days ago

Does PetSmart sell rape kits?

cartman197 1784 days ago

Its not anal rape if you yell "surprise!"

cartman197 1784 days ago

You can't rape the willing

jgaiman88 1785 days ago

very has to cut the bush down there

idreamthedream2 1785 days ago

aww how precious :X. my puppy may be a bit cuter. :X

ortega_justin 1785 days ago

They never look as good the morning after.

IWillFindYuTosh 1785 days ago

How old is that prophet?

LittleKnuck 1785 days ago

Is that a hot blonde bitch? I always dubbed u as a brunette man...hmmm

TheOneEmperror 1785 days ago

Damn Doggy You Scary!

richardebe 1785 days ago

My asian friend started to lick his lips after seeing this? must be an autistic thing

GreenGateTv 1785 days ago

"Looks like someone got his Red Wings this morning"

jabrown31 1785 days ago

just how i like them.... hairy!

mikeyweinrieb 1785 days ago

u have a fucking creepy obsession with ur dog