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Here's a pic from my trip to SA. See u tnite at 8/7c for #OprahsLifeclass on OWN -- http://on.fb.me/SeeYouTonight

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1881 days ago

Here's a pic from my trip to SA. See u tnite at 8/7c for #OprahsLifeclass on OWN -- http://on.fb.me/SeeYouTonight


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nancyhaw0149 1835 days ago

Oprah, "Teacher, Talk Show Host, and World Leader."

edisconos 1880 days ago

u are gud,u are d mother most people dnt have.bigups 2 u.

edisconos 1880 days ago

you are gud.u are d mother most people nt have.bigup 4 u.

aokosotol 1881 days ago

You are an inspiration beyond words.

aokosotol 1881 days ago

Dear Oprah. Please adopt me!

micola2 1881 days ago

So looking forward to LifeClass 2nite... you're a beautiful teacher (inside & out).. love ya

23dollars 1881 days ago

Oprah = life without limits.

Janeecejones 1881 days ago

Nice picture. Like the orange sweater. Proud of what you are doing there.

Massamio 1881 days ago

Imagine the whole world, inspired to be their best. I think it's possible.

elzagodoy 1881 days ago

You are the best!

jspydr 1881 days ago

Everyone says school gotten worse when prayer was taken out, forget prayer--we need THIS! Gr8 job Oprah!

Canadiantennors 1881 days ago

Wat it means dude and i love u i'm in india the time his now 11.34pm

LancomeSusie 1881 days ago

God bless and best wishes with both shows tonight! I am so excited
About tonight! I'm sure this will also change my life by opening my
Mind and soul to things I never knew existed! Thank you!

hawkxs3 1881 days ago

I see you standing in our room too, we are your 1st class, A Beloved Start Daycare.

szewei85 1881 days ago

awesome ^^

carin1950 1881 days ago

european record at eindhoven for pink ribbon

theronnivp 1881 days ago

Oprah;doing what she was born to do.Let us embrace the continued impartation of a living legacy.OWN 8/7c

churnetWinborn1 1881 days ago


TheConconFelix 1881 days ago