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Quite possibly the perfect gift for me! Thanks @livenation (paul) mobile gaming ftmfw!!!

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1839 days ago

Quite possibly the perfect gift for me! Thanks (paul) mobile gaming ftmfw!!!


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FreeMrketMusic 1831 days ago

Must have this device.

mcalpine1390 1831 days ago

PSN: McAlpineForce

7Bianca7 1838 days ago

Wat?! U got a PS3?!... Wats ur PSN dude?! :D

R_Rhyme 1839 days ago

Very cool.

Austin_Hardy 1839 days ago

That's pretty awesome man!

Zeldrick 1839 days ago

That is one sweet mobile game station! :D Hit me up on PSN: Zeldrick

Abimael_CR7 1839 days ago

PSN: Mato_X_Jugar , Joel , u playing Fifa 12? , Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3?

ProjectGAEMS 1839 days ago

If you guys want more info on the GAEMS G155 let me know, we make these and people can buy them now ;)

ProjectGAEMS 1839 days ago

Glad you dig our GAEMS case, if you ever have questions let me know! Can follow me or

Greenleaf208 1839 days ago

Add me :D PSN: Jaco208

TJConsoleRepair 1839 days ago

Wow, that thing is awsome bro.

01_GTR_01 1839 days ago

Heeey, thats pretty sick. add me. PSN: Sasora. but PC gaming is better than console gaming in my opinion :D

CommunistSmurf 1839 days ago

psn:communistsmurf. im sitting here in my meowingtons can't fly shirt feeling lonely. plz

razokev 1839 days ago

add me! Razokevin

Razlo7 1839 days ago

You should add me on PSN! :D That would make me the happiest little fanboy ever.

Evil_yogpod 1839 days ago

mobile gaming got twenty percent cooler in ten seconds flat

Aly_Rei 1839 days ago

I'd own you in COD ^_^