good morning!

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1934 days ago


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shalie__ 1930 days ago


shinneulran 1930 days ago

wah~~~~mashida......i want too...

syudpips 1931 days ago

AJ~ i miss u.wahh. the food looks yummy.haha.anyway,u always cute~

12_01_27 1931 days ago

Oppa,don't you miss PARAN????? Happy with UKISS????
Anyway.........that's good.........thanks to NH Media!

jugndaehyun 1931 days ago

soooo awesome~!! wanna eating with me?! haha NEVERLAND! ;)

peikee95 1931 days ago

Neverland! :)

Kyuwoonie 1931 days ago

Que lindo :3 Ame tu taper(?) Aunque no mas que a ti ^^

KiszSeopie0317 1932 days ago

AJ oppa eat well ^_^ but anyway, what are you eating?

Akaani_ 1932 days ago

so cute and hot ^^

fengshixiao 1933 days ago

ohhh.., he's so hot..,

megmamaril 1933 days ago

Aww! AJ! Your so cute!

snowbecks 1933 days ago

aww, so cute <3

blaqqies 1933 days ago

Neverland's lunch?
Aj so adorable :D

jieunmiow 1933 days ago

please ampun AJ >_<

babyMrk 1933 days ago

so adorable! :3

_sistars 1933 days ago


MissKade 1934 days ago

AJ eat a lot but don't eat becuz she saw you..you make her full happy ...she love you so much AJ!!

chezhai0323 1934 days ago

it's been awhile aj! i missed ur tweets~^^ oh btw, i like ur eyeliner. u look so cute! :]

ukissme98 1934 days ago

let the dj turn it up up up!^^

_doublev90 1934 days ago

u so handsome!!
wow "neverland"