Awww my mom took this pic of me when @JustinBieber came into the stage....:')
The Best NIGHT OF MY W H O L E life,There would NEVER EVER be a day like that,THE day when,after 2 YEARS of being a BELIEBER♥ ,my biggest dream CAME TRUE.You and I THERE♥ I cant seriously explain how I felt when you came in to the stage, and I saw you,there,standing in front of me,I was completely in shock,It just couldn’t be possible, YOU AND I IN THE SAME PLACE.
Thanks Justin, for this night and A LOT of other stuff,for making me smile EVERY SINGLE DAY.WHEN YOU SMILE I S M I L E,Even throught you don’t have ANY idea I exist I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.And I will ALWAYS,A L W A Y S Support you,ONCE A BELIEBER….A L W A Y S A BELIEBER

N E V E R 
S A Y 
N E V E R ❤