" #Bahrain ’s tragedy continues with the death of the 41st #martyr. Ahmed Jaber Al Qattan, a 16 years old Bahraini, was killed by the mercenary forces of Al Khalifa regime of Bahrain on the 6th October 2011. Ahmed was in Abu Saibe’a village, a neighboring village to his, Shakhoora village, when the regime mercenary forces came in and started shooting tear gas and sound bombs everywhere in the village including houses’ top roofs and even inside houses. Ahmed got some bullets inside his body which made him to immediately fell down. Protesters around him took him to a house and tried their best to get him rescued while the ambulance arrives. Few minutes later, Ahmed was taken in a private car to the Bahrain International Hospital (BIH) that is located few kilometers only from the village as the ambulance is not allowed by mercenary forces to enter areas of protest. In less than an hour, Ahmed passed away!!

Said Yousif Al Mhafdha, a Human Rights activist, witnessed his death and confirmed it via his twitter account.

Ahmed’s body was then taken to the main mortuary at the Salmaniya medical Complex, the main government hospital. Three famous human rights activists, Nabeel Rajab, Said Yousif Al Mahfdha, and Maryam Al Khawaja, went to Salmaniya to see the body, but they were not allowed by the security forces guarding the hospital."