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This was my teacher. She said she lived this long to make sure we made something of ourselves.

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1393 days ago

This was my teacher. She said she lived this long to make sure we made something of ourselves.


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szewei85 1391 days ago

haha she looks like a man from the image lolz but big respect 4 her able 2 c arnie american dream

ThePoorMansPres 1391 days ago

Two of the most important types of Americans. Immigrants that love this land and make it better than before they got here and teachers that love their students. Thank you so much for Sharing Governor.

justin_pl 1393 days ago

so sweet!

Crazy_Panda 1393 days ago

now that is a real teacher! I love mine too... There was an International Teachers' Day on October 5.

Laurentmartorel 1393 days ago

Gr8 pleasure you remember your teacher. She must have been one of a kind !

luisabcmx 1393 days ago

That joy to see a beloved teacher

betteel 1393 days ago

that good memory : >!

Narries 1393 days ago

Hi :) That is great.

lucho_rodrigo 1393 days ago

Que foto,que imagen,cuantos recuerdos.Que Grandeza Arnold y que Preciosa Mujer!!!

yehope 1393 days ago


BigPatsFan33 1393 days ago


eyelidsofdoom 1393 days ago

Hahaha, great stuff!

schwarmanoj 1393 days ago

Hey its fantastic MY LORD , But I hope you remember Dr.Karl !!!!!!!!!

tgdaniel60 1393 days ago

awww! sweet!

Daniel_Craig 1393 days ago

Hey! Nice pic. ;-) She must be proud to meet you after this long time. THX for sharing.

beerkeg 1393 days ago

Potential is in all of us; a good teacher knows this - Highest respect to both of you.

Satellite_Shine 1393 days ago

and she was right...

BeinNiteshKumar 1393 days ago

Awww.. Those words by her are remarkable! Hats off to your teacher and you for provin her right! :-)

AndriyStokalsky 1393 days ago

One of those moments in life... Truly amazing !!!

Warship_rolling 1393 days ago