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Duck taped my leopard purse <3

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1968 days ago

Duck taped my leopard purse <3


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philram0s 1960 days ago

that was pretty puerto rican of you. i duct tape everything too. ;)

Lopecitta_ 1961 days ago

omg i duck taped my lanyard;)!

MichekiNiki 1963 days ago

love you everything=]

FrmSyriaWithLuv 1966 days ago

That bow is so cute omg!

lolapastel 1966 days ago

girl, you make jump and get dress and look pretty, and party up wen i feel sad so thank you girl keep like that girl.

dayiizs 1966 days ago

so beautiful love your animal print handbag

crians 1966 days ago

u look like a ladyboy on this pic.

Mmm2011Ss 1966 days ago

Nice sweet times

cierralovesdasi 1966 days ago

You look so pretty..

tayaisaqt 1967 days ago

that looks so adorable! OMG you should make a zebra print one too then ud have like an african safari!

heymattyg 1967 days ago

You are worthless.. and a fucking retard! U deserve every bad thing that comes to you.

DisneyPrincess1 1967 days ago

i made a duct tape cheetah clutch with duct tape pockets and credit card holders haha its legit!

tweetyalex53 1967 days ago

Haha Cute!

MisterBSpears 1967 days ago

tweetmykidrauhl 1968 days ago

Wow, cute :)

ToiyaNava 1968 days ago

U look too adorable! No pls stop! I can't take it! Lol it'd b so fun to party with you! Some day :)

supergrobi1 1968 days ago

Wow, she´s cute :)

Puchi_35 1968 days ago

I hope it works <3

KyraDoesYoFace 1968 days ago

PEOPLE! The brand that she used (I'm duck tape artist. recognize the print) is called DUCK Brand . Soooo

LUVIN_RGOKYDIOR 1968 days ago

lolz wat type of duck tape yhu have snooki?