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This is the inning!

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1273 days ago

This is the inning!


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TwilightilDawn 1272 days ago

What a great view Jimmy....*sigh*...oh..la..laaa!! *whistles* ---}-@

Joshuabx 1273 days ago

I think jimmy should bat for Arod he sucks

Joshuabx 1273 days ago

And........... is going going going and out lmao

Joshuabx 1273 days ago

Never lose on purpose and run away from the redsox like lil cowards, it comes back to bite u

Joshuabx 1273 days ago

It was the inning lmao lets go tigers lets go!!!! Yankees suck

SarahDrielts 1273 days ago


ChrisXMan71 1273 days ago

I thought that looked like you when they showed the shot from the pitchers perspective. Nice seats!

LainieSun 1273 days ago

Sooo sorry Yanks! IT's ours #tigersroar

ncn3707 1273 days ago

eat 'em up tigers. #tigersroar.

Schaibly 1273 days ago

Wait a second. He's not a #RedSox fan? Fever Pitch wasn't real?? #mindblown

kpa323 1273 days ago

Since when are you a Yankees fan?! You did Fever Pitch for us Boston fans, cmon Jimmy!

Narries 1273 days ago

#WOW Then Go For It :)

dorkmomusa 1273 days ago

fingers crossed!

baybee627 1273 days ago

You called it!...you should definitely quit your day job and become a psychic. lol

JulienFarel 1273 days ago

must have decent seats if this is photo he's Tweeting :p

jmbaird32 1273 days ago

Wow! Now that's an amazing view of a baseball game!

kimwilliamz 1273 days ago

No it ain't and we hope CC don't eat us.

nachoLang 1273 days ago

Yes Fallon we see you behind home plate, talk some sense into these guys!!!