Urijah Faber


Professional Fighter in the UFC, Big Thangz,

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2574 days ago


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KeithKamikaze 2567 days ago

Gahdamn, Urijah... Idk what a good response to this is. Just. Gahdamn. I hope I don't break my hand this bad, especially since my right hand is one of my main weapons.

Krisskros792 2568 days ago

dude, that looks like it hurt.. i was watchin the whole fight.. u got some major heart.. u should have won that fight.. youll get him next time.. i just wish i could watch it in person.. oh. and no fear rocks!

MsDarlieBlue 2570 days ago

Didn't you know you aren't supposed to punch people on the top of the head? It's bad for your metacarpals..

contaiguz 2571 days ago


corybeeson 2572 days ago

Way to battle through it. Heal up lad, and get back ou there.

jjserio 2573 days ago

Yikes! Fourth metacarpal is snapped, but fifth shows multiple fractures along that break. That will not be fully healed for over a year. Asides the final outcome, the fight was NOT a dissapointment, and only reinforced the fact that you are the best pou

LauraBrad4rd 2573 days ago

You are awesome Urijah! I was there and everyone was goin crazy for you. That fight was yours! Much love to you honey and get well soon! xoxo

dukieluv18 2573 days ago

aww thts sick mayne. u fought with tht the fight ur the gutseyest fighter ive ever seen

dukieluv18 2573 days ago

aww thts sick mayne. u fought with tht the fight ur the gutseyest fighter ive ever seen

Frankiebotz20 2573 days ago

I have to tell you that I am a huge fan of MMA and an even bigger fan of you!! All I am going to say is BALLS and GUTS!!! Everytime you step in that cage you are on point!!! Its never a disappointment watching you fight. You give everything you got ev

wecsheila 2573 days ago

You would have won the match if you didn't break your hand. You still put on a good fight with only one hand. Can't wait till the 3 fight Mike Brown ain't gonna win this time.I Love You Your Awesomeand Georgous! Get Well Soon!

miniloki 2573 days ago

This one looks the worst IMO. Your ring finger is literally off to the side. What a badass. Great performance out there, man. I hope you get well soon.

ChristiansMojo 2573 days ago

Dude Bro!! it was still a bad ass fight! Thanks for giving us everything you had, man. YOU'RE THE TRUE EFFIN CHAMP!! Waiting for 3!!

gregdesau 2573 days ago

I am still impressed with the fight, 5 rounds with a broken freakin hand.......holy crap.

smashingskin88 2574 days ago

Dude urija your the man. First person that poped in my head when i signd up. Heal fast and murk sum guys and then go for brown again all hes got is that strong right hand lots of love, respect and good job kickn those guys in boli ass Peace

CannonBalls21 2574 days ago

He has three different pics of this all of which showing different or no brakes

sunrizemarie 2574 days ago

OUCH! Rest up and get better soon. You so would have had Mike Brown in the guitine if you had 2 good hands!

gapman59 2574 days ago

Nice job man even with the loss. After you heal up kick a couple fighters Azzes then go after Brown one more time.

Sheanz 2574 days ago

Had the same break with the middle finger. Required surgery and had a pin. Took the pin out 4 months later and is perfectly fine but my knuckles are constantly tender.

ak2012 2574 days ago

Urijah, so excited about last nights fight unfrigginbelievable. anyway, i'm new to twitter, and i'm a really big fan of yours, so you were the first person i looked up. you don't seem like the type of dude that gets down, but i'm going to say it anyway. p