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Tech columnist, NY Times; CNBC tech dude; Missing Manuals creator, dad of 3!

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2436 days ago


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talentwar 2436 days ago

Mum I thought you said you darned my sox

talentwar 2436 days ago

spilling me guts....

SurHorse 2436 days ago

Those pants DO make me look fat!

yesitsbob 2436 days ago

Wow - I didn't think that half price off this costume meant I could only wear half at a time?

Maggie_Dwyer 2436 days ago

Amityville meets Broadway: Ghost torso haunts the Dark at the Top of the Stairs as legs tapdance ala Shirley Temple & Bojangles.

cmumathwhiz 2436 days ago

Wow - this is the best Halloween costume ever! My friends won't believe it - heck I don't either!

rchconsulting 2436 days ago

What are you doing there, feet? We turned around!

keydrop1 2436 days ago

or is that Uncle Charlie and Dad? Oh God Im a half witt, too

keydrop1 2436 days ago

Where is Dad and Uncle Allan (two and a half men)

reldnahcire 2436 days ago

Spiderman and the Invisible Woman had an interesting pair of twins

glenndav 2436 days ago

Even as the photographer, Peter Parker, Spider-man is no match for PhotoShop.

mi_chael_ 2436 days ago

Suffering from restless legs syndrome? Be sure to ask your pediatrician about new grape-flavored Requip.

CathleenRitt 2436 days ago

If we get one more set of body parts, we can be one Billy Elliott

ophiesay 2436 days ago

Dad, I think I am going to puke.

CathleenRitt 2436 days ago

Nope, Madoff didn't hide the money there either.

davidfarre 2436 days ago

This is what happens when you grow up in the house Bewitched was filmed in.

pamela_gill 2436 days ago

"This way I can keep playing and you can run to the bathroom..."

CathleenRitt 2436 days ago

I told you to stay away from the Kryptonite!

nicocra 2436 days ago

"legs, this is the las time i tell you to keep sticked to me!!!"

CathleenRitt 2436 days ago

I don't care if you wear the pants in the family, you can't have my torso.