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Forgot to post yesterday. Graphitti piece one of the guys did.

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1873 days ago

Forgot to post yesterday. Graphitti piece one of the guys did.


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rhi_xx 1868 days ago

nice hummer in the background :)

XXXSharon 1869 days ago

that's cool!!! (H) i wish i could be there!

Pink_Ducati 1869 days ago

Just a question..does Holden choose where you tour? A bit puzzled why Adelaide missed out when Holdens are built here (yes I will nag and sook ;) You gotta come tour here! My man wants to know whyyyyyyy. He works there and didn't even know they sponsored

Steffisility 1871 days ago

Wohooooo, that rocks.Very good!

pinkisinmyblood 1872 days ago

that is fucking cool :P

Terrance_Bannon 1872 days ago

Wow...I'd be having this Artist on the Pay roll Carey..Love the Logo Bro almost as good as the one on My hat

rrrachie_rach 1872 days ago

Awesome artwork! I took a bunch of photos that day - some great ones of you guys smashing it mid-air. Check em out -

graficgoddess 1873 days ago

That rocks.. totally awesome.

Tweetheart__ 1873 days ago

That looks fantastic!Thats our temp fence too!Didnt even know we did that job!

klau14 1873 days ago

very good :)

Besszi 1873 days ago

Ilohh i love to greffiti!

MelMoney 1873 days ago


2karend 1873 days ago

Finally, H&H has left its mark in Melbourne... Somethin to be proud to have.

bonkers_SNAP 1873 days ago

that is awesome as! his really good! wish i could do stuff like that

shan3816 1873 days ago

As the kids on my school bus would say " sick" :)

Karocroco 1873 days ago

WOW!! Very beautiful!!!! ;)

stef_tron 1873 days ago

i can do that... i jus choose not to =P

em_hanson 1873 days ago

i saw him doing this one. awesome. the green one next to it was my fave.

Chasitycrisp 1873 days ago

sweet :)

auntie_p 1873 days ago

love this... just awesome :D