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and this.... So enough of this BS! I'm sick and tired of the whole thing . ITS OVER!! #TwitPict

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1971 days ago

and this.... So enough of this BS! I'm sick and tired of the whole thing . ITS OVER!! #TwitPict


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mamatam1017 1947 days ago

Hang in there Jacqueline...it will take time but all these things you are dealing with right now will soon be a thing of the past. I can sympathize with you. I had what I considered a very close friend stab me in the back, make up terrible lies about me

kswhiteyak 1948 days ago

Your family is a bunch of SNOBS

singAhot 1963 days ago


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zingida 1963 days ago

You should talk..You couldn't wait to scream out that Dina lied. I think you are the Scum

Brandic2909 1964 days ago

Yikes, Jac your my fav. Stick with your family they are way less likely to piss you off...they are really cool...AND albi is HOTTTT!!!

beautiful_ash86 1966 days ago

This is very childish and dramatic

teenacee 1966 days ago

so confused about what is going on..im a huge fan and i hope you work things out with teresa

lavonne071 1968 days ago

sorry to say narcists don't have friends so I doubt having her "friends" call her out matters

caitismom23 1968 days ago

I hope that you're doing better today.

sebring2206 1968 days ago

Wow I can't say I'm shocked but I hate the fact that your leaving, I would hope Caroline would follw

dseide1983 1969 days ago

Teresa is a text book narcissist. Perhaps once her friends call her out she will consider changing.

Shilpzz 1970 days ago

love you jacqueline, you're my favourite housewife! wish you would have went to the reunion for your fans :(

AgentOrangeWtch 1970 days ago

Good for you!

DabanggSharma 1970 days ago

Jacqueline im so confused . . . whats going on?

DebbyH18 1970 days ago

You are the sweetest person on the show. You deserve to be around kinder people. Take care.

gardengirl1209 1971 days ago

you are a good person i knew from day one Thersa was a phony and not to be trusted all she cares about is money and is a totaly fake person.You trust your heart i knew someday you would see her for what she is .

TruthSucceeds 1971 days ago

Stick w/ TRUTH, Jacqueline! We trust you. Narrow ur focus & find peace.

littleitaly119 1971 days ago

ok i think we as fans are all confused with this text . Please explain a lot missing

realtvchatter 1971 days ago

who is saying what? a little confused??