Stand & B Counted or Sit & B Nothing. Don't Litter,Chew Gum,Walk Past Homeless PPL w/out Smile.DOESNT MATTER in 5 yrs IT DOESNT MATTER THERE'S ONLY LOVE&FEAR

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1852 days ago


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GloryImagesHD 1664 days ago

Now everyone knows where all her good looks come from oh yes!

transitionyte 1834 days ago

Wow! That's your Mom? Awesome! Rock on!

Shar12833 1842 days ago

Your mom still looks AMAZING! I think your sis favors her looks wise

PeterPenney 1847 days ago

You know you look more like sisters.... especially if ya had one of your fab blonde wigs on!! Much love!

insp_website 1850 days ago

be inspired

Katastrophy1951 1850 days ago

GORGIOUS! BOTH of you!!!

Jandehornois 1851 days ago

Two Gorgeous women :-)

MarienValvolett 1851 days ago

You're my muse!

iluvcher2 1851 days ago

you both look so young and beautiful!!

annygra 1851 days ago

OMG Cher you and your Mom look Great and look like you have a great time together!!! You are so lucky to still have you mom!!! Enjoy every second, people like you and your Mom make the world Rock

DanaOhLaLa 1851 days ago

wow both of you are beautiful :D

hoosierdaddy59 1851 days ago

Cher you look good!!

hoosierdaddy59 1851 days ago

Georgia you are beautiful!

RobertMWallace 1851 days ago

Cher you two are some sexy mama sietas. I just looove you! I spnt5 min fndng my paswrd 2tel u that. Xoxo

SimplyBriggette 1852 days ago

You both are beautiful! <3

Nessa_Cute 1852 days ago

Both so beautiful!

PricelessBiach 1852 days ago

No doubt pretties....simply breathtaking is all that is needed here~! *squeezes you both cuz I can*

Q_Zahmis 1852 days ago

yes, definately mother and daughter...both lovely

Michellesmo0821 1852 days ago

She doesn't look 85 you both look amazing

JLOismyIDOL 1852 days ago

she's gorgeous