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My Pop on his bunk inside "The Way" tour bus on way to D.C. Love this guy!

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1823 days ago

My Pop on his bunk inside "The Way" tour bus on way to D.C. Love this guy!


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JeanetteFreelan 1718 days ago

I think he is growing old gracefuly. Looks like he was very into what he was reading

BUENCAMINO2011 1725 days ago

I love this guy too. Such a sweet person. So loving caring person!

MaanHhhwelll 1815 days ago

"BARTLET 2012!!" on his way to New Hampshire!...... wow!,if only..... :-(

NaylaKodiak 1816 days ago

Wow! Martin Sheen on a tour bus? He looks so relax! :)

snowfairy11 1818 days ago


michellew_ 1819 days ago

How badass is it to see THE Martin Sheen riding a bus? Seriosuly.

AngieScore 1820 days ago

He seems like he has really been there ALL the way for you boys and girl! Good Dad!

MyArtisticHome 1821 days ago

that's my idol right there xo :)

ttsousa 1821 days ago

Well, ya better...he's your Pop & only one you get.

mjordy53 1821 days ago

Congrats Mr. Martin you're a trooper!

PhilBruno71 1822 days ago

I recently saw Martin in #Badlands1973. Awesome film. Your dad looks very relaxed and content. Have a safe trip to New York.

Gerlinco 1823 days ago

Definitely my favorite Hollywood family -- love 'em all

MicheleLee67 1823 days ago

What a Incredible man !! A Legend !!

SophalMiracle 1823 days ago

Lay back & relax! Enjoy reading the paperback! Lucky Father is proud of the thoughtful sons!

earthskymoonsta 1823 days ago

never stop the rythum of your beat.....

earthskymoonsta 1823 days ago

love you Martin & Emilio

earthskymoonsta 1823 days ago

Makes me want to take across country like I did in the late 60s with my parents again... only this time it will be with my grandkids

leanntanner 1823 days ago

aahhh,,,family is so special.....

Rhonda1168 1823 days ago

Nice picture. Post more pictures of you. One with you and your "Pop" would be nice.

mlweagle 1823 days ago

Emilio - your dad is totally cool, and you are so lucky to have such a great relationship with him. I feel the same way about my Dad. To their kids, every dad is a star. So happy for the two of you having this great experience together. Saw the movie