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I play guitar. I sing. I write music. I support the cause. New album out June 21st! www.simpleplan.com #LesRobots

There it is! But it's raining...

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1763 days ago

There it is! But it's raining...


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tdesrosiers 1728 days ago

Why so cute Seb?????????

jehlefebvre 1763 days ago

posso te apertar? coisa linda <3

joy_laurispao 1763 days ago

Beautiful landscape, I love ur music & Im grateful 2 my sister #empsayfall because 4 her I met u

flori82 1763 days ago

It's raining and you wear sunglasses? Then these are rainglasses... LOL

BereniceBouvier 1763 days ago

Posso ir até aí te dá um abraço?

srtaheck 1763 days ago

omg! *-*
sooooo cute!

looh_rodrigues 1763 days ago

You don't get tired of being beautiful not man !? <3

karo0_SP 1763 days ago

t le plus beau seby ;) jtm xxxx

mariela_r18 1763 days ago

it's so Beautiful!!!!

SPperfect 1763 days ago

you're awesome! :) #sebisawesome

thatak1 1763 days ago

so cute *-*

TonyMacru 1763 days ago

Hey Seb!.... I'm waiting for you here in Mexico, I'm gonna to invite you some #Tacos, Would you like to try it? hahaha! Greetings! nice pic!