Floyd Mayweather


Entertainer, undefeated boxer, Angel investor, part of the #MoneyTeam and in the check cashing business.

Victoria Ortiz's idol is Oscar De La Hoya aka Golden Girl #fishnet #blackpantyhose

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1974 days ago

Victoria Ortiz's idol is Oscar De La Hoya aka Golden Girl #fishnet #blackpantyhose


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NOTORIOUST_NMC 975 days ago

No! He can never join #TheTripplets!!! Noooooo

MontUHURU777 1242 days ago

That's a DAMN SHAME!

takuhi_flagro 1499 days ago


Lovegurus 1915 days ago

sexy style ever

hanc0ck4 1972 days ago

We can get Mad at Floyd all we want ,,,BUT he didnot initiate the bad sportmanship,,and we must be mindful that every action cause a reaction,,,Ortiz was young and stupid to wake up a Lion,,,love him or hate him right Floyd is on top of the food chain,,,a

CIMMIROON 1973 days ago

Sir Mayweather just can not seem to get enough. Please get a show on prime time..Clever you are

CIMMIROON 1973 days ago

funny stuff'

jersyjoe 1973 days ago

Mayweather, you are making me piss my pants. You should quit boxing and become a comedian.

mbarkog 1973 days ago

cant believe alotta cats aint knw bout dez picz. no photoshop, this the real deal. oscar a lilbitch!

Seymore_Kittie 1973 days ago

Hollup...GOTTA be a photoshop

MChaimo 1973 days ago

is this a man or a " woman"?

TheTrueBHoff 1973 days ago

this has gotta be photoshopped

Flip2799 1973 days ago

Cocaine is a hell of a drug! (RJ) The real question is who took the picture?

tomi_hukubutyo 1973 days ago


ChrisLambe7 1973 days ago

Ur way too Funny , n by the way ,I loved ur ko,best ever haha

nazmeerhusaini 1973 days ago

yurkkkkk !!!!! GAY!! Ugly!!!!

smile_uponface 1973 days ago

lol funny

lbCakes_Inman 1973 days ago


Hospiciokarilou 1973 days ago

Raxeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii de riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk