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I've fallen and I can't get up..

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1942 days ago

I've fallen and I can't get up..


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TorrieLeonard 1930 days ago

I agree with Lampleytwo. It may have been underhanded, but it was still LEGAL!!!! Protect yourself at all times!!!! That's the name of the game.

Lampleytwo 1935 days ago

why all yal racist bastards hatin on a nigga... it was just as dirty as the fuckin head butt. taps gloves means im ready.. i dont give a fuck where ref is.

ratchetking 1936 days ago

proud huh? ignint monkey nigga. only in america can a no-talent simple minded nigger make money

RichBrokeNigga 1940 days ago

Victoria get up lol

Mitznarf 1940 days ago

Fight Manny you wimp. You will never get credit until you do.

carlh160 1941 days ago

yeah i agree a cheap shot by the MONKEY. the monkey is pissed off. well i would be too when i wake up evry morning and look at myself and say damn i'm black as a monkey

marlonandrews 1941 days ago

Mayweather lived by the golden rule, do on to others as they would do to you, just do it first

Pngoy 1941 days ago

balls in the neck

Pngoy 1941 days ago


Pngoy 1941 days ago

cheap shot

KaeGuevara 1941 days ago


barrbarr31u 1941 days ago

That was almost Floyd in Rd 2 vs Mosley until he held on to him. And Floyd had his guard up. lol

Dan008Dan 1941 days ago

be serious do u really think ortiz got a better chin than money, c'mon stop hating

DannyDm101 1941 days ago

If Victor would have punch you while your guard was down you be in the mortuary

thuglife1980 1942 days ago

Wow floyd you take a open shot. You will never lose your 0 soon
to be 43/0/0/27 ko in manny you are next

blanesellers 1942 days ago

Left hook, strong right. POW! And that's all she wrote haha

Masasho81 1942 days ago

Historical pic for a historical knockout.. U should blow this up in a big ass pic & frame it.

socalibro 1942 days ago

Cheap shot Floyd, if u are one of Great ones, YOU don't close out fights like that!

MG463 1942 days ago

Oh mama, mama, mama I just knocked a man down in MGM grand in front of a big ol crowd.