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The only man who can beat me is the man in the mirror

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1279 days ago

The only man who can beat me is the man in the mirror


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RickLexington 1274 days ago

To all people tossin up pacman. Who's not taking a piss test? Go on I'll wait... Exactly, stfu

sammydodikes 1277 days ago

He headbutts and they call you a cheater, headbutter and drag queen inexperienced trainer

305Tony 1277 days ago

Wow what a diva!

92583213 1278 days ago

Hay Floyd you got the skils to beat anyone.as a fan i think you should give ortiz a rematch to shut evrybody up you are the best and no one can say diffrent I'm a mayweather fan all the way and I say rematch

DannyDm101 1278 days ago

And Manny Pacquiao AND Sergio Martinez can beat you, unless they have their hands down.

LuckyLadyE 1279 days ago

That's right, You already know... Mayweather... let them hate...#Moneyteam

kingsize 1279 days ago

You know that's just a reflection right ? What's with touching yourself at same time #bender

i_am_lacey 1279 days ago

#realtalks floyd!! and shhh u mouth camilederamos, pacquiao cant beat floyd, i dont care wot any1 says but i dont think theres 1 boxer in the game right now that can beat floyd, he's number 1!! unless he does wot hes quoting fights himself lol

ChristianSymone 1279 days ago

Fuck Manny.

camillederamos 1279 days ago

The only man who can beat you is Manny Pacquiao!!! ;)

Bigsunny83G 1279 days ago

Floyd Mayweather vs Fifty Cent... Who would win?!

Davidstar12 1279 days ago

Yeah! =D

JaF180 1279 days ago

And Manny Pacquiao...

BOSSYMINA 1279 days ago

Thats right! I can digg it! #Salute