David Pogue


Tech columnist, NY Times; CNBC tech dude; Missing Manuals creator, dad of 3!

TODAY'S BOOK QUESTION (see http://bit.ly/2b8FQ ): Caption this photo.

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2605 days ago

TODAY'S BOOK QUESTION (see http://bit.ly/2b8FQ ): Caption this photo.


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Mowery5 2597 days ago

U.S. Dept of Ed explores ways to enhance the effectiveness of No Child Left Behind

userX 2603 days ago

"Look, ma: No hands!"

garygoodenough 2604 days ago

Here is how I get on the net...

saxpho 2604 days ago

On my signal, fire the grinning imp!

jdcb42 2604 days ago

Dad! I thought you of all people would understand. When I asked for a 'Canon' for my birthday I meant a POWERSHOT SD880, Not Powder Shoot 101!

raypod 2604 days ago

The next time you say "blow me" young man, I'm gonna wash your mouth out with soap

kvetchguru 2605 days ago

Can you hold it in a little longer baby?

trrish 2605 days ago

But some days, mom forgot all about the Prozac.

diggary 2605 days ago

come to camp canon it's a blast!

MysticalSadhu 2605 days ago

Heads-Up for new thresholds of excellence -- with a Bang!

MysticalSadhu 2605 days ago

"I'll raise my kundalini by any means possible, let's give this a shot!"

Garyboncella 2605 days ago

"You had to be a big shot didn't you..."

dolari 2605 days ago

"You absolutely sure this is how Supe DAve got his start?" "Well, it's how he met his end...."

greg_bass 2605 days ago

Even as a young man, he had a talent of the highest calibre.

Doit2it 2605 days ago

EXTREME version of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater."

spsmyth 2605 days ago

I'm just happy to get out of the house.

jeudyth 2605 days ago

One Child Left Behind :(

AlecHosterman 2605 days ago

As a child, Jack Sparrow constantly heard "if you do that one more time I'm going to shoot you out of a canon."

cortmcgee 2605 days ago

This isn't where I left my keys...

kurometarikku 2605 days ago

The next time Timmy asks if it ok for him to canonball, make sure he is going to the pool.