Demi Moore


I see through you....

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1345 days ago

I see through you....


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aloisiomdasilva 1279 days ago

I have dream...

mansor217 1289 days ago

Pls. don t cloase may life

friennaG 1290 days ago

sincerely hope you are happy now.

iluvcats44 1311 days ago

You & Ashton looked adorable together I hope things can work out for you both. My husband is 13 yrs younger than me we married in 1980 I would probably not do it again, but we are still together There are problems in any relationship. Good luck!

krbridges 1315 days ago

Very powerful message...speaks louder than words

Pilkers 1317 days ago

Listen to your heart Demi. Wishing you strength and courage. xx

Christy777_oc 1321 days ago

You deserve better.

Irethsurion 1325 days ago


American_hero 1328 days ago

What are those sheets?

annamirello 1328 days ago

demi be happy life is wonderfull

jlf_420 1328 days ago

ya boy fucked that chick !

Nightsinning 1330 days ago

It is crazy just from one people think..beautiful picture..Love you AND noone else

DolphinLPC 1330 days ago

Why does everyone ASSUME u know what she is talking about...and really with the boner comment???

cenchamp11 1330 days ago

he doesn't know what's he losing. u are so beautiful

skelmaster 1331 days ago

dont worry you are worth much more than whats going on at the moment ....big hug from me xx

SuperIffy 1332 days ago

Ive had a boner for you since I was 14 and saw you in indecent proposal now i'm 30 and u still got it

taylorkristiina 1332 days ago

You are beautiful Demi.

TheRamblingPoet 1332 days ago


TheRamblingPoet 1332 days ago

If we put our materiasm ahead of spiritual happiness we will always learn hard lessons 11/11/11 put your spiritual happiness above materialism and you will never again feel the disappointments of being let down in this manner!

wendysunsh 1333 days ago

Vous m'avez aidée à surmonter une grosse absence et j'espère de tout coeur que tout ira bien pour vous... MercI & Pensées de Bruxelles *