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네 형 쫌따 봐용 ^^ 팬 분들이 보내준 3단 케잌 캬캬"@jemjin83: @ryeong9 화이팅!! 오늘 한국 도착하자마자 바로기냥 공연인거냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이따극장서바~~"

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1223 days ago

네 형 쫌따 봐용 ^^ 팬 분들이 보내준 3단 케잌 캬캬": 화이팅!! 오늘 한국 도착하자마자 바로기냥 공연인거냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이따극장서바~~"


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Ying411 1217 days ago

Wedding Cake?? Oops! >w< I'm sorry >///<

emily027_2 1219 days ago


jowookie 1221 days ago


ShiningDoll 1221 days ago

que rico!! *-*

alicelovesya 1221 days ago

Qué bonito detalle...

chinacat32001 1221 days ago

Cake cake cake. Haha!!!

Angela921102 1221 days ago

yummy :P
can you give me some?xD

koy_yn 1221 days ago

yummy :P

VELF_nem 1222 days ago

nice ^^

tofumallows 1222 days ago

can you give me some?xD

peacheeky 1222 days ago

오, 그것을 사랑 너무 예뻐 디자인

peacheeky 1222 days ago

kya so cute feels like don't want to eat that cake only want to display it~

JanramSimma 1222 days ago

do not forget to always take care of yourself is encouraged....^..^...

_Alicia_Yu_ 1222 days ago

That's a beautiful cake oppa!! Was it good? ^^

TiannaNyaa 1222 days ago


p_carTOon 1222 days ago

so cute oppa be happy na wooksik oppa

kikipinky1226 1222 days ago

IS IT MARRY CAKE?~~~in love relationship ~ Congratulations!~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋhttp://twitpic.com/6pvx18 HK Dollar of 'R'yeo'W'ook ,'H'yung'S'ik^^is it touching?please LOOK~

LeeKimNgan 1222 days ago

wow yumy yumy

afiqahnajeeha 1222 days ago


megmamaril 1222 days ago

that looks yummy! CAKE! ~