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Hi my name's Christian. I'm an actor, I love life and live to make people laugh. I try to be a role-model to my friends in my generation. Just say YES I CAN!

When you look in the mirror do u reflect the same image?

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1703 days ago

When you look in the mirror do u reflect the same image?


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gicastros2 1604 days ago

awwwwwn so sexy!

Morgannlindsey 1629 days ago

I LOVE you Christian! and i love that you stay right with God no matter what! <3

JUSBsHeart 1634 days ago

awwww hermoso! ♥

hyura_sshi 1646 days ago

so CUTE ♥

NataliaTatay 1649 days ago

<3 lindo

JoannaMagg 1663 days ago

pretty :) but i love ur t-shirt!!! #jesus <33 lol

justkeeprauhIin 1665 days ago

sarastar133 1676 days ago

Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhh, whats that?Do you want to kill me?! Okey, im dead lol

My_BieberDrug 1680 days ago

OMG #BEAUTIFUL ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

AndylBiersack 1682 days ago

anoqehermoso :l

ItsMaaru 1682 days ago

You're Beautiful ♥ #latingirl

Belieber_biebr 1682 days ago

Beautiful! very beautiful

svvagbieber 1684 days ago

cute ♥ beautiful shirt

jdwoody76 1685 days ago

we should all look at ourselves in the mirror and truly see if we are reflecting HIS love...

LiveLoveJiall 1689 days ago

Your so cute ♥ and love the shirt :)

DirectionerMady 1693 days ago

beautiful...!!! ♥

wishlovato 1695 days ago

Que linda a camisa escrita Jesus. I LOVE U <333333333333333

MFernandaMV 1695 days ago

I Love your eyes♥

HenyFadillah 1696 days ago

love your eyes, love your lips, love your nose , love yourslef <3 i love you <3

DoraleeAlvarez 1697 days ago

love your eyes