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Couple of monkeys to make me smile!

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1335 days ago

Couple of monkeys to make me smile!


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ExemptOne 1279 days ago

The image on the lamp looks to be nude, I guess I my eyes are playing tricks : )

andu777 1285 days ago

those are mexican wool monkeys right? have one! love your mionkeys,big kiss for you

aditriyatmoko 1290 days ago

Couple of monkeys to make me smile!

RobiniCarini 1310 days ago

i LOVE this..I collect're too beautiful not to!!! <3

LaurenBlaine 1313 days ago

I like it that there are three monkeys in the pic...two on the desk and one holding the camera. :)

DeedleDeeCrafts 1318 days ago

Those are cute monkeys, you should check out mine!! Deedle Dee Creations on Etsy! :)

__Dst__ 1319 days ago

great pic

SuperIffy 1321 days ago

I think maybe your attracted to cheating men because they create the illusion that they are exciting

vampjojo 1327 days ago

Demi, you have been one of the most beautiful women in movies for awhile now. And you can act, so you have both going for you. Ashton, loves you. He was so excited to do 2 .5 men because he was going to be home every nite with HIS family. And U love him.

meri29 1327 days ago

I love the mirror effect in the lamp...nice pic!!

songlkak345 1329 days ago


sequatchiegirl 1332 days ago


drinha_Oliveira 1333 days ago

I saw this picture and remembered you! A cup of monkey!

CDDougie 1333 days ago

One can never have too many monkeys

mqtwiry 1334 days ago


rachelputnam 1334 days ago

very cute, though I'd be careful it looks like you aren't wearing clothes :-)

cristianogaby 1334 days ago

tantrm2527 1334 days ago

What you need is a real monkey - oh wait never mind you have Ashton :D