Tim Minchin


I'm a musician with a swollen sense of my ability to articulate my insignificance.

As requested, slightly hungover @petefirman and @timminchin ridin' the rails.

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2742 days ago

As requested, slightly hungover and ridin' the rails.


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JaffaaCakee 2592 days ago

Very rock n roll!

Annjej 2595 days ago

Great photo!!! You just Rock! :)

ColexD 2740 days ago

I have to say, you do look more than SLIGHTLY hungover.

_vikz 2741 days ago

hehe brilliant. That is a so fucking rock pose if ever i saw one.

r_o_x_y_t 2742 days ago

yeah tim i have to say your fair amazing. xo. :)

Rachel_Burn 2742 days ago

Hmm for some reason now i really want to put my glasses on now :) Such inspiration :D

Sean_Boon 2742 days ago

Thanks for posting the pic.

katrinalindley 2742 days ago

I love both of these people.

MaxTheDuster 2742 days ago

I feel a song brewing on the tracks; my tip is to keep up the snacks.

cmuuu 2742 days ago

this photo is quite aesthetically pleasing

originaltimcarr 2742 days ago

You are truely the master of time and space both hosting Rage and riding the rails

laurenelizaf 2742 days ago

are you on a virgin pendolino? i find they are BAD for hangovers. all that tilting... eurgh.

aZzehSShezZa 2742 days ago

U look like u need some sleep.

eyelidder 2742 days ago

is it wierd that i still would?

EmmaPickering 2742 days ago

Isn't he off of CBBC?

jazzical 2742 days ago

you look how i feel right now mr minchin. hope your hangover didn't treat you too badly.

aZzehSShezZa 2742 days ago

Lookin' SEXY!!! :D

reddywoods 2742 days ago

My head hurts for you.

kymharvey 2742 days ago

tim looks like his going to puke just a little bit!

foilly 2742 days ago

nice :D