Tim Minchin


I'm a musician with a swollen sense of my ability to articulate my insignificance.

On train with me is the amusing, sexy, slightly simian prestidigitator, @petefirman. Feel the love.

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2698 days ago

On train with me is the amusing, sexy, slightly simian prestidigitator, . Feel the love.


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wisebee 2548 days ago

I think Pete looks more like Russ KANE - I always get the 2 muddled..........

Kath_P09 2697 days ago

Yeah but the point is looks NOTHING like Russell Brand!!! Pete has much better hair to start with! ;-)

erin_marcella 2697 days ago

*didnt :D

erin_marcella 2697 days ago

if you did point him out i wouldnt know which guy you were talking about. theres so many!! lol.

kymharvey 2698 days ago

theres nowt wrong with lookin like russell brand mmmmm

xJGx 2698 days ago

Thanks for pointing him out :)

krispyishere 2698 days ago

why are you finger-shooting him? gosh

Kath_P09 2698 days ago

Oh BTW the Ewww was about RB not PF!!!! Obviously!
Liking the open shirt look Pete.... should work that into your 'onstage' look maybe!?? ;-)

Kath_P09 2698 days ago

He does NOT look like Russell Brand! Ewwwww. Pete looks like Pete! (Obviously lol)!! Love Tim's desription - very accurate in places - 'amusing, sexy....'!! Hope you're hangover has cleared by this evening though Mr F.!!!!! ;-)

reddywoods 2698 days ago

First class eh. Posh.

aZzehSShezZa 2698 days ago

Those are what ur call perfect musician hands...:D

kymharvey 2698 days ago

how long is your finger? does it have its own post code? lol x

jodie___ 2698 days ago

the're cactus's. Lol, hes a keeper

CleWeR 2698 days ago

what are those signs on his shirt? USB icons?

Sheq 2698 days ago

It's rude to point.

AlexWilliamson 2698 days ago

:) He does look like Russell Brand..

mindmouthsoul 2698 days ago

Oh I definately feel the love!