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1707 days ago


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hillbillyfreak 1705 days ago

mmmm do you have the toaster ready ?? Its the best way to eat them.

REGIFISHY 1706 days ago

I wouldn't eat that if I were you.....(*Cough* Amanita Muscaria *cough)

ripexz 1706 days ago

What texture pack is this and where do I get it?

RaNd0mGuY101 1706 days ago

Wheres a skeleton when you need it?

brentbabb1 1706 days ago

it looks like mario!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happzboz 1706 days ago

Forgot your Bonemeal huh ?

maribakumon 1707 days ago

that mooshroom has some serious problems

Atrix_hide 1707 days ago


TheCharlieGray 1707 days ago

You could collect it and craft yourself a bowl at your shelter.
Also you gonna need a brown mushroom...

Fl0wryan 1707 days ago

Use Bone Meal and upload pic.

Hutchisy0dady 1707 days ago

What texture pack is this?

iamjimwood 1707 days ago

Gotta punch a tree an craft urself a bowl man.

Dragon2Fire 1707 days ago

maybe u can breed mooshrooms when u kind of 'contaminate' the cow egg with a mushroom?

Tha_Krulll 1707 days ago

But isn't that a "Flugsvamp"? They are poisonous :)

_ecchin 1707 days ago

Mooshrooms shouldn't grow from eggs. They should grow from those.

Frarocchi 1707 days ago

Rain forest biome?