Bethenny Frankel


The original skinnygirl

Trying to do my own hair too. Going to chill down the lipstick. Xo have fun tonight!

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1406 days ago

Trying to do my own hair too. Going to chill down the lipstick. Xo have fun tonight!


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tafthigh 1405 days ago

As beautiful as always!!

MANX38 1405 days ago

I dare the individuals posting their insecure negativities to post their own photos...dare ya

maryjrnation 1406 days ago

shelamart is so rude!! u look great! mean people suck! have fun!

earthgoddes45 1406 days ago

OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE THE NERVE OF Shelamart! Wacked Bethenny has Never looked BETTER! YOUR A HATER.

shelamart 1406 days ago

OMG, nobody here wants to comment on the obvious. Our poor Bethenny is obviously experiencing anorexia again. Please Bethenny, I love you, get help. You are skin & bones and it looks terrible. You looked the most beautiful when pregnant. Thin is o

jhoerres0634 1406 days ago

looooove the dress!!!

TruthSucceeds 1406 days ago

And your hair looks great!! Have fun!!

TruthSucceeds 1406 days ago

But honestly, that color isn't flattering. It could be distortion but it looks almost hot pink.

TruthSucceeds 1406 days ago

If u highlight every facial feature, it's overwhelming "makeup". Best 2 pick ur best & highlight it.

Kosmodemyanskay 1406 days ago


mainegirl5 1406 days ago


TruthSucceeds 1406 days ago

Everyone has a single facial feature to highlight. For some it's lips. For you, it's eyes. ;-)

pkvank 1406 days ago

the lipstick makes you pop.... good job on the hair too..

DrStell 1406 days ago

No keep the lipstick was all over the runways this season...! Sexy and sultry!!!

bestbing 1406 days ago

i bing