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Ok so I tried to do my makeup/lashes for an event did I do?any changes?

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1981 days ago

Ok so I tried to do my makeup/lashes for an event did I do?any changes?


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Elle1515 1965 days ago

Dark eye ok- liner uneven. LOSE the bright lipstick & shadow. Shorter on hair length. U r NOT 2 thin

syldream 1978 days ago

Not use to you wearing so much. Less is more. It looks as if you are trying too hard. Unnatural!

earthgoddes45 1979 days ago

She can gain some lbs when she gets prego with a baby brother for Bryn. Hopefully soon! :)

earthgoddes45 1979 days ago

? Is every1 so worried w her weight? She lost the baby lbs! She looks great & didn't ask,it was bout makeup

CherylDeHaan748 1980 days ago

As a makeup artist I feel the lip comes in to the room before your beautiful face... Softer lip I would agree with most gain a bit of weight...

IcyAllIcan 1980 days ago

You'd look gorgeous w/ '60s look of mascara only on the top lid. Lipstick wrong color, try apple red!

Amyheffner 1981 days ago

B, I would like to see your hair in some updo's, a lose french twist. Also, a very blunt cut right at the shoulder tips. Gorgeous Girl!

syldream 1981 days ago

A little too pink...but not bad.

RobinBaileyBenn 1981 days ago

OMG! I bet you're sorry you asked!? You look beautiful! xx

AVeggieFoodie 1981 days ago

White/light frosted eyeshadows are bad. Stick to soft med. brown or grey. Lips should be in the honey to milk chocolate range of colors. PS - PLEASE EAT!!!

MrsFettiwig 1981 days ago

B you are so beautiful, but PLEASE put a few pounds on. Too thin makes you look older and sickly. Take care of yourself! LUV U

milf5 1981 days ago

Warmer colors look best on your nice skin color. Its hard to wear magenta and be taken seriously. lov u

melody_schafer 1981 days ago

Sorry, yeah, too pink, & a hint of purple. Sorry.

Xina08 1981 days ago

Too pink, more red for you. Great eyes!

lulu1251 1981 days ago

The pink looks strange on you and the color eyeshadow is too light.

rdorner 1981 days ago

I think you did really good!

earthgoddes45 1981 days ago

You did wonderful with your eyes. Hope lil Bryn is feeling better from her cold. I loved your E story!

earthgoddes45 1981 days ago

Looks great, the pink isn't the right shade for you. Ditch it! You look the best in red I think. Have fun

birdydi 1981 days ago

so pretty, but either do nude or red lip, the pink and dark eyes doesn't do you justice. also, thats a

jhoerres0634 1981 days ago

You look great, but I would ditch the lip. Maybe a nude lip since the eyes are so played up??