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Hiking with @Tanjareen and @cecilyjamelia FUN times

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1968 days ago

Hiking with and FUN times


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NaijaCandy 1920 days ago

black girls can never just take a picture...

dukedinero 1961 days ago

un epitome of foine!

Tanjareen 1968 days ago

PS Cute pose, girlie! And I'm tired of your hair looking so flawless on our hikes! No fair!

Calls_The_Storm 1968 days ago

I don't think I've ever seen a female with V before.

kptheoriginal 1968 days ago

Damn! That's wassup. Is she a trainer or what?? Bangin abs!!

Tanjareen 1968 days ago

Awww, my 1st twitpic! Thanks CJ! And thank you folks for ur hilarious feedback...Good genes? Nawww, just lots of veggies...& sex!

JamesMarsh_ 1968 days ago

holy shit! @ your thighs to rummmmp haha tanj is very much in shape as well

rudeboyjay 1968 days ago

not every can have a great figure and a nice metabolism to support it,very hot i must admit

Caramel_kiss06 1968 days ago

you guys look nice, I need to go with u guys for a hike seems like fun!

wahenie 1968 days ago

Look at you two divas !

wahenie 1968 days ago

Look at you two divas !

claudiajordan 1968 days ago

really my girl Tanj doesn't HAVE to work out. She just does it for the girl talk-She just got good genes! Insanity......last time my tummy looked like that I had food poisoning!

rudeboyjay 1968 days ago

work it out,aaaaaaah push it

Joni_Loves 1968 days ago

DAYUMMMMM, yall make me look like Kelly Price or sumthin :-(

(doinnn crunchesss now....)

TheRealHypnotik 1968 days ago

There is a God...and he broke the mold with yall..Im glad cant neither 1 of yall read b slapped by now.

MikeyMcFly 1968 days ago

Goodness thine eyes have seen the glory.... And her name is Claudia

AWiLL504 1968 days ago


claudiajordan 1968 days ago

we can't help it that we look like that! LOL this was a lite day--- u got to see what I look like after a REAL track workout=not pretty!

LadyE2010 1968 days ago

Is this a comerical??!! Hiking my ass...LMAO

claudiajordan 1968 days ago

not to be conceited---but dang we look kind of good~