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I've 'Never lost the vulgarity of The North.' Also a 'helpful member' of the music class.

For me, this is still the greatest typo ever

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1976 days ago

For me, this is still the greatest typo ever


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gjhewitt77 1970 days ago

John Travolta???

GreenAlienThing 1973 days ago

I still don't get it >.<

TVVITTER2824 1973 days ago

Hey Guys Go Here!!! ▬►

LondonThruCafes 1974 days ago

That's hilarious!

giveusasweet 1974 days ago

I've met a few of these....they keep nicking my drinks, and hogging the dancefloor!!!!

What2DoNext 1974 days ago

:) :)

Sabotage_D 1974 days ago

Damn! Damn! Now I dont feel so funny for tweeting: "Hi to meet U"

JuniorFooty87 1974 days ago


GooonerDan 1974 days ago

I hate them DiscoCunts. It's the Flairs and Afros.

appfoto 1974 days ago

Does it come with a DJ and a glitterball?

PaulaMayCooper 1974 days ago


texasrangers1fa 1974 days ago

That’s one way to increase bizness i suppose. Usually, they just offer “buy 1, get the 2nd meal at half price“. But, me thinks this offer will attract alot MORE customers. Just sayin’. lol

RobMatheson1 1974 days ago

Sign of the times, I suppose. You have to offer what the punters want, be competitive.

GregStinson_ 1974 days ago

My greatest typo fear, I work in pricing for a telecoms firm & the amount of times I've typed that!

catunt74 1975 days ago

At last!!!! My favourite word being used in public! More! More!

TVVITTER2667 1975 days ago

Hey Guys Go Here!!! ▬►

BrockleyCentral 1975 days ago

For an order over £10 I expect at least 30% discocunt

rulerofthelake 1975 days ago

I don't get it...I don't get it...I don't get it...I don't get it...I don't ge-OHHHH, I GET IT!!! lol.

BusterNowhere 1975 days ago

Honestly! A capital O in Orders. What is the world coming to?

decobroad 1975 days ago