tom price


Torchwood Actor, and stand up comic.

Arm broken. Lots of pain. Just about alive. Thanks for well wishes. X

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2698 days ago

Arm broken. Lots of pain. Just about alive. Thanks for well wishes. X


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elizabeth_ann 2694 days ago

really hope you are feeling better! thanks for coming out and trying to tough it out. you are a trooper!

rschatz 2694 days ago

Tom thank you so much for trying to tough out the con for us. I know you were in pain, and I really appreciate that you still took the time to talk with us and made sure that everyone got their picture with you. I am very grateful, and think you are jus

saqqara12 2695 days ago

I hope you got home safely. You were awesome at the con. Get well soon sweetie!

Captain0Hair 2697 days ago

Torchsong must be cursed! Get well soon.

cazmalfoy 2697 days ago

Yes, I think cotton wool is a must for Gareth and Carole. Take care hon xx

hollieajohnson 2697 days ago

I can confirm with absolute accuracy that white wine and pain pills mix very well; however the hangover bites. Take care.

cazford3 2697 days ago

Youch! OK so put Gareth and Carole in bubble-wrap in separate rooms at separate hotels before the curse of Torchsong gets them too!!! :( take care hun.

jackharkness 2697 days ago

I'm beginning to think this thing is cursed. But you're a star for continuing on.

hope2259 2697 days ago

Get well soon Tom! So sorry to hear about your accident!

tintop_lizzy 2698 days ago

Your own lifelong weather-change predicter installed without your consent, I see! good pic. Enhance your serenity and be well.xx

gypsylady 2698 days ago

Owie! Owie! I used to think Chicago was one of our best cities but it sounds like it hasn't been friendly to you; so sorry you're in pain!

Cen_Evans 2698 days ago

*winces* Ouch! Sorry to hear you hurt your arm. Hope you feel better soon.

behindblue_eyes 2698 days ago

Tom what did you do? Did it happen here in Chicago? I now firmly believe that Torchsong is cursed. Sending hugs and chocolate to the Convention Center.

iantos_first 2698 days ago

ok.. we hear your at the cocktail party..that really sweet of you but get your (probably bruised) behind in bed & get some rest!

stargazer60 2698 days ago

Hope it heals fast.....

thunderinglunie 2698 days ago

Ouchies! Is that convention cursed or something? Get well soon, hon!

monkeyqueentart 2698 days ago

Bad mojo @ Torchsong! Get well soon! :(

iantos_first 2698 days ago

Maybe you and John can share a nurse. Get well soon!

hab318princess 2698 days ago

get well soon!

Cait85 2698 days ago

Poor little sausage! Hope it feels better soon! Just think - you have a good excuse to be waited on hand and foot now!