Starbucks Coffee


Freshly brewed tweets from Paige, Archana and Madeline at Starbucks.

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2031 days ago


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justineroul 1967 days ago

Miam :D

kato0492 2020 days ago

I Love Starbucks.. !

kato0492 2020 days ago

I Love Starbucks.. !

vinny303 2027 days ago

iced venti 6-pump rasberry Passion Tea Lemonade! YUM!!! Its the perfect combination of tart and sweet! And yes...bring back the melon...

pcrobbins 2028 days ago

don't bring back the melon--just you classic

angelaguempel 2030 days ago

Four pump Melon less lemonade extra tea Passion Tea Lemonade ftw. Can we bring the melon back pretty please?

ghod 2031 days ago

Iced venti one pump classic 2 honey less lemonade more tea light ice extra shaken GTL. Perfection.

48StatesAway 2031 days ago

Hmm, I loved those! I miss my baristahood...

GrandmaDD 2031 days ago

Umm, I am thirsty, but I have a music dvd to make for a open house tomorrow. Can you just hand my one thru the puter, or deliver?

eblaz37 2031 days ago

tumblers are for hot drinks, hun! the cups they're holding here are... well, cups!

marshman21 2031 days ago

no water GT with a splash of Strawberry, and half the classic. perrfeecctt

anesio 2031 days ago

i love love love that dress

cynthisizer_x 2031 days ago

ahhh I had a venti BTL at work today... mmmmmmm

mehanchan 2031 days ago

haha, ya'll have the plastic iced cups that people constantly call asking "do you have the venti size in stock???"

AliLatif 2031 days ago

I see you guys are using the reusable to-go tumblers. :)

wil2326 2031 days ago

Mmm. Rasp BTL. The best :D

chelseablobs 2031 days ago

gimme :)

nickxcheung 2031 days ago

i wnt some