BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE !!!  :D  In celebration of the new Wicked Horizon Designs (WHD) 2011 logo update. I am making available for download an 800x600 & a 1600x1200 image of each. One is the GFX version with all the graphics. The other one is the more subtle version without all the fanfare for people who prefer a more simple look. Either one makes for a very nice desktop image.

My website that is noted "wickedhorizondesigns.com" is still under construction. I will post an update when it is complete. http://wickedhorizondesigns.blogspot.com/  So feel free to download & share them with your friends. 


The only restrictions are that my design work cannot be altered in any way, shape or form. Also my work cannot be sold by any other person or entity other then myself.

All rights reserved under United States Federal Creative Intellectual Properties laws ©2011