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2738 days ago


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lizhaddad 2690 days ago

hell yeahh

SarahKawaii 2701 days ago

Usa* ass. And no, micheal bisping doesn't need subtitles beacause he speaks the queens english! But ignore this, why don't you

SarahKawaii 2701 days ago

Dana, I'm so pissed of. Not only because you ignored us lowly brits about not finding UFC on sky but that mike goldberg is so against brits. Not only did dan henderson get a lucky puck but I bet you all ignore tuf because you know the uk kicked your ufc a

SarahKawaii 2703 days ago

Hey Dana :D Im from the UK and am so stoked about 100 but did you say it was going to be on channel 433?? Because I checked the schedule and it doesnt seem to be on :/ Plus its the Racing Channel?? Go Bisping!! x

RichelleMonae 2710 days ago

fOt boy!!!! ;)

tedmckeown 2713 days ago

Dana Setanta sports has gone bust in Ireland and U.K will not be able to watch UFC 100 will it be showen on any other channel, Virgin or Bravo please let me know I have to see UFC 100

ApocalypticPimp 2720 days ago

Dan who? Oh yeah that dude on team USA. Yeah that guy.

sparkytt 2721 days ago

Watche the fights on virgin last night, excellent!!!!!!
Bisping is going to complete an all British win

CobertCommander 2722 days ago

Too bad Bisping is going to kill henderson. Sorry The Count is coming.

mickmes 2723 days ago

Is that Bisbing' brain you're holding? I can hardly wait to watch Henderson smash his face.

nojlsen 2730 days ago

wow that is a lot of donuts.. Here in sweden u cant really buy donuts unless there is a festival or something, but the not as good as moms buns any way ;)

dragonmachida 2731 days ago

dana I want a job with the ufc! dana keep working out! train and eat like a fighter!

Mickso1 2731 days ago


semjb 2731 days ago

did justin timberlake get those for you? lol

kingston1972 2731 days ago

not too sure about that donut that looks like a turd lol

leafsfan98 2732 days ago

Dana looks like you've been pumpin iron. keep up the good work,just dont eat to many of those donuts lol

blazeofgloryhbk 2732 days ago

Save one for me.. AW much better then a protein shake for me..

1queentammy 2732 days ago

the donuts dont hurt your looks dana

twiztidgirlamy 2732 days ago

oooooooo YUM!

ninjaHonda 2732 days ago

I don't know why seeing donuts made me think of that...