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BUT... I have the best date ever! #LilJoe!

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1766 days ago

BUT... I have the best date ever! #LilJoe!


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VikusjaSciuto 1567 days ago

I'm so sorry for you. R.I.P. Lil Joe (((

cnbmis 1568 days ago

Peace Pauley

CarolineVitry 1568 days ago

I'm so sorry for you. R.I.P. Lil Joe

Pauleyfan 1568 days ago

So So so so sorry for your loss! At least his in heaven keeping your mum company!

RuthAmanda47 1569 days ago

Lil Joe, R.I.P.

benotafraid2 1569 days ago

So sorry for your loss

Bob_Stembridge 1569 days ago

<Rainbow Bridge Poem inserted here>
So sorry, Pauley!

artl8dy 1569 days ago

Ohh! I'm so so so sorry for your loss.....

HauckMilli 1569 days ago you're clean. :)

Pauleyfan 1766 days ago

Too cute #LilJoe

Q_Zahmis 1766 days ago

puppy kisses are the best. pure love

Danielle_Artist 1766 days ago

I don't know looks like he is getting fresh a bit fast there girl..LOL

Kernnin 1766 days ago

Awwww #lilJoe is so cute, definitely the best date ever and always loyal

abby_scuito 1766 days ago

Awww :) Kanite would never stand me up for a date either, pets are loyal.

GreenishClovers 1766 days ago

Both are loveable creatures #NCIS #LilJoe

britishbees12 1766 days ago

Aha, you can't get a better date than real love - lol :)

MarieEdwards429 1766 days ago

Just like most boys (the ones I know, lol) ....can't wait to kiss ya, lol. You go #LilJoe

Amanda_Lemons 1766 days ago

at least you know the love is real! cute date!

kesterson63 1766 days ago

Awesome Very Cute!!

Bert_Floyd 1766 days ago

Always ready with a kiss!